Walmart’s Garden Factory: $1.2 Billion Investment in Home Garden Centers October 13, 2021 October 13, 2021 admin

Walmart has just announced a $1 billion investment in home garden centers.

The move comes as the company continues to expand its offerings, which include the Garden Depot and its own line of products, and is part of the broader push to increase its home garden offerings.

The new deal is the company’s biggest investment in a garden center in years, and will provide more than 2,000 full-time and part-time jobs to its employees.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon also said in a statement that the deal is a key element in Walmart’s strategy to build its home gardening expertise.

The company also announced it will invest $500 million in a new, more robust network of home garden centres across the country.

The investment in the Garden Center Network is the culmination of a four-year strategy to create and support more than 200,000 home garden center jobs and support local businesses.

Walmart plans to build the network of about 250 centres across 50 states and the District of Columbia, with about 400 of those in California.

Walmart has invested heavily in its home-care business over the years, especially in the past year.

It has also expanded its efforts to expand the offerings of its home furnishings, including its Home Depot. 

As part of Walmart’s plans to expand in the garden, the company said the Garden Centers Network will support its existing home furnishing, food services, home goods and other retail offerings, including new home goods offerings.

The company also said it plans to offer new home garden products to consumers, including an app and a new website that will be built to provide a new way to manage the home gardens.

Walmart will launch the Garden Hub App and website in 2017, and it plans on launching a full-line store of home-garden products and services in 2018. 

The company has been investing heavily in the home garden industry in recent years, with its purchase of Home Depot in 2015 and its acquisition of the Greenville, South Carolina-based Garden Factory in 2018 that made the company one of the largest garden centers in the country, and the purchase of several other companies in recent months.

The $1 million investment in Garden Centers comes after Walmart announced last month that it would invest $600 million in new home products in the first half of 2019, including a new line of home products that will come from the company itself, including Home Depot, the first of several products to be made by the company.

Walmart’s announcement comes on the heels of a $2 billion investment by Walmart in the second half of 2018 that will support a variety of its products and activities, including the launch of new home-improvement centers, its first ever indoor farm, and a $4 billion investment to build new facilities in the U.S. to make more than 6 million containers of food.