How Google’s ‘lucky’ garden design is helping the planet October 13, 2021 October 13, 2021 admin

The term “lucky” might seem to be a bad one to describe the design of a Google Garden.

But the company says it has a very specific definition for the term.

According to a new patent filing by the tech giant, “lucrative” gardens are gardens with lots of water.

In other words, they should be “easy to access and maintain,” “safe,” and “easy on the environment.”

Google also says that a lucky garden is one that allows “people to enjoy a wide variety of food, flowers, and plantings from a variety of natural resources.”

The company says a “louder” garden is “a garden with lots more space for plants and a garden that is easy to use for people with limited mobility.”

It goes on to describe a lucky tree as one that “has many branches that can be reached by people.”

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