Why outdoor hydroponics is the future of beer gardens September 24, 2021 September 24, 2021 admin

A brewery in the UK is testing a new way of growing beer: hydroponically.

The Brew House at Euston in London is one of many British breweries that is trying to harness the power of hydropons to help with the brewing process.

The concept is simple: instead of using a traditional tank to hold beer, it’s designed to grow beer inside a hydropostric chamber.

The chamber’s water and oxygen levels are constantly monitored to ensure a stable, even flow of water and CO2 to the beer, all while keeping the beer cool.

According to Brew House founder Paul Wilshere, the idea is to avoid having to rely on the water in a bottle to get beer out of a hydrophobic environment, which can lead to a harsh taste.

The water is then filtered through a filter, resulting in a clean, crisp and light beer.

Brew House’s beer is then sent off to the pub for a sip, with the company even offering a discount to anyone who signs up for its weekly newsletter.

Wilshere told the BBC that the company has seen “a lot of interest” in the idea.

The Brew House plans to start selling its new brew system in early 2018, and Wilshee hopes it will be a success.