What you need to know about the new Apple TV app for Mac and Linux September 4, 2021 September 4, 2021 admin

Posted by Business Insider on Sunday, September 11, 2019 16:12:20You may have seen the new Mac and Windows apps on the Apple TV.

But now Apple has released the app for Linux, and it’s a nice addition to the app stack.

The new version of Apple TV allows you to play music from your Apple TV or Mac through an app, which can then be streamed to your other devices through an HDMI cable.

It’s a big win for Linux fans, and you can find the app here on the Mac App Store.

The Apple TV has been around since 2012 and has a slew of apps for it, but we’re only now starting to see a new app for the Mac.

This new app lets you play audio and video from the Apple TVs and Macs directly from the Macs, so you can listen to your podcasts, watch movies, watch TV, or just use it to play games.

The new Apple app also includes a feature called AirPlay, which lets you stream audio to the AppleTV through an Apple TV that is connected to your Mac.

You can use this feature to play a lot of Apple Music songs from a Mac or Windows device, or to stream your favorite podcasts to your AppleTV from another device.