Herb Garden: Garden design concept looks to take over NHL arena September 30, 2021 September 30, 2021 admin

Herb Garden has been designed to look like a garden, but the design could take over the NHL arena in Toronto.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been in discussions with Herb Garden over the last few months about an NHL-branded facility in the area of St. George Avenue and Sheppard Avenue, a major thoroughfare between the two main city-centred areas of Toronto and Vaughan.

The team has had discussions with other potential venues, including the New York Rangers, as well as the University of Michigan, but none of those were ever finalised, Maple Leafs president and general manager Lou Lamoriello told The Associated Press in an interview on Thursday.

“We had a conversation with the team and I don’t think they really know what they want to do yet,” Lamoriell said.

“They don’t know if they want a large open-air arena or a smaller building with a little bit of glass on the outside that would look like an indoor garden.

We’ve had those conversations.

We’re in discussions.

I think Herb Garden looks like a good building for us.”

Leafs fans will be able to see the design for themselves when the team begins the process of developing a new home at the Bell Centre in September.

The NHL’s official website says the new facility will include new food, entertainment and a new venue for the Maple Leafs’ game against the Montreal Canadiens.

“This is an arena that we think is going to be a major catalyst for the growth of our game in the Greater Toronto Area,” Lamorello said.

“There’s been talk for some time that we need a new arena, and we think Herb Gardens will be the next place we need to look.”

The Maple Leafs also announced a new “fancy food truck” is coming to the arena, which will have “food, beer and wine for fans to sample.”

A Toronto-based design company, Herb Garden, is designing a new building that could be a “garden garden” at the new Bell Centre.

The Leafs also plan to open a new rink in the space and are considering bringing a brand new rink to the area, according to Lamoriella.

The Maple Leaf team has previously held discussions with the Ontario government and other organizations about a stadium in the city’s downtown area, but Lamorielli said they’re not in any hurry to start construction at the arena.