How to get rid of ’em, for your garden August 26, 2021 August 26, 2021 admin

Garden lights are not only decorative, they are an integral part of many people’s daily lives.

They also serve a crucial role in maintaining the balance of light in the home.

While some people love them, others find them a distraction.

The good news is that a simple switch can be used to turn off all the lights that have not been turned on in the garden for at least five years.

We’ve got the DIY instructions for making it happen.


The basics1.

Place the garden light switch in the light bulb socket.


Take the garden lamp cord from the light switch and wrap it around the bulb.3.

Connect the cord to a battery and a switch.


Turn the bulb on, and when the switch is turned on, the lights should dim to a “solar glow.”


To get rid:1.

Turn off the lights.2.

Hold the light up to the light bulbs socket.3; Turn the light off when the bulbs are off.4.

When the bulbs have been turned off for a few minutes, pull the switch.5.

Release the bulb and it will automatically turn off again.6.

To re-light:1: Remove the bulb from the socket.2: Push the bulb back into the socket, and turn the bulb off.3: Push back the bulb in the socket to make sure it is not stuck.4: Press the bulb into the lamp socket, then turn the light on.5: The bulbs should go back to their normal “sunny” glow.

The switch is designed to turn on the lights when the lightbulbs are turned on.

This is the “silly” part of the switch, because it does not require any extra effort to turn the lights on.

But if you do not want to do this, you can turn the bulbs on when the lights are turned off.

If the bulbs go off when you turn the switch off, the switch will not turn on and it won’t do any damage.

This happens because the bulb is not electrically connected to the battery, so it will not get charged if the battery is not connected.

Once the bulbs come back on, they should stay in their normal orange glow.