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This is the first installment of our NFL Power Rankings series.

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NFL Week 8: Which NFL teams should win?

Here’s a look at how each team fared in each category.


Detroit Lions (3-0) (via AP)The Lions have been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL, with six of their past seven wins coming against teams in playoff position.

They are 2-0 against NFC North teams, including a three-game sweep of the Green Bay Packers in Week 5 and a four-game win over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 8.

But the Lions have struggled to get off the field against the run, allowing a league-low 30.8 yards per game.

That’s second-worst in the league, behind only the New York Giants, who are allowing 29.8 per game (just ahead of the Cowboys).

They’ve also allowed a league high 32.2 points per game, including 15.8 points per drive.

They’ve been a liability on special teams, allowing seven touchdowns and five field goals.

They need to find a way to stay on the field and keep scoring.


New York Jets (3–0)The Jets have been able to maintain a dominant offensive identity through four games, scoring 24 points per contest.

They have a top-five rushing attack, averaging 1.6 yards per carry and averaging 5.2 yards per attempt.

Their defense is allowing an average of just 3.2 rushing yards per play, while their scoring defense has been dominant.

They rank second in the conference in points allowed per game at 6.9 per game and they’ve allowed the fewest points per offensive play.

The Jets are the only team in the NFC East that has scored 20 or more points in five of its past six games.


Dallas Cowboys (3­0) The Cowboys have been a thorn in the Steelers’ side for much of the season, holding them to a league worst 23.6 points per outing and averaging a league low 6.6 sacks.

The Cowboys also rank seventh in points per possession, averaging 4.3.

Their top-rated defensive unit has been able for some time to contain opposing offenses.

It’s a unit that should continue to have success.


Atlanta Falcons (2­1) The Falcons have been the best team in football over the past four weeks, holding the Rams to just six points in their past four games.

They’ll need to get back on track, though, as the Rams have averaged only 5.6 rushing yards and 5.1 rushing touchdowns per game over that span.

Their best defensive unit, in particular, is allowing a team-high 17.4 points per passing attempt.


Indianapolis Colts (3 ­0) A team that was dominant in Week 7 against the New Orleans Saints is struggling with a team that is in dire need of a spark.

The Colts have allowed an average 9.3 points per opponent, while the Saints have allowed just 5.5 points per play.

That could be the difference in this game, as Indianapolis should have a chance to win the game.


San Diego Chargers (2 ­1)San Diego has been a team with an elite defense through three games, but the Chargers have been allowing just 6.5 yards per rush, the second-lowest rate in the AFC.

The Chargers are allowing 4.7 yards per completion, and their secondary is allowing just 3 touchdowns and three interceptions per game on the season.

The defense has to step up against the Eagles.


Cleveland Browns (2-1) The Browns have the second best defense in the division behind the Packers.

They also have been ranked second in points, fourth in yards per opponent and sixth in scoring defense.

But their top-ranked offense has been the biggest reason for the struggles.

Cleveland is allowing 4 yards per pass attempt and is averaging just 2.9 yards per rushing attempt.

The Browns have allowed a team high 27 points per performance, including two games with 30 points or more.


New Orleans Patriots (2‑1)The Patriots have won five straight, including back-to-back wins over the Jets.

They’re tied for the fourth-best record in the East, and they’re also the only unbeaten team in this week’s top 10.

They can win this game if they get a little more aggressive against the Falcons, but it’s likely going to be a close game.9.

Philadelphia Eagles (2‐1) Philadelphia has lost three straight games, including an overtime loss to the Seahawks last week.

They may not have the talent to overcome the Panthers or the Seahawks, but they have to play better to win this one.10.

Miami Dolphins (2–1)A team that struggled to keep the Falcons in check has turned the corner against the Panthers.

They averaged 5.3 yards per passing play and