When: March 16th, 2018 | Where: Langley Gardens, Langley, Virginia Beach, VA, United States (via Ticketfly) June 20, 2021 June 20, 2021 admin

When: The Langley Garden in Virginia Beach has a very special location, where it is open every day from 9am-6pm and from 3pm-5pm on Sundays.

It is home to the iconic and beloved garden that is currently owned by the iconic singer, Kim Thayil.

It was also a home for the legendary photographer, photographer Robert Rauschenberg, who took amazing photographs of the gardens, along with the iconic, iconic, and iconic landscape of the U.S. The garden is open to the public for all events, including the annual spring cleaning and the annual fall cleaning.

The Lang, Virginia Garden was built in 1931 as a family farm and continues to be the home to Langley Farm, which is home of Langley Cattle, Langleys Farm, and the Langley Zoo.

This unique location in Langley is the perfect spot to get a fresh, clean, and beautiful day at Langley. 

Gardeners and gardeners have been bringing this beautiful landscape to the Virginia Beach area for nearly 40 years.

The Gardeners are responsible for keeping the Gardeners garden pristine and free of pests, disease, and disease-causing insects, as well as providing a safe environment for wildlife, waterfowl, and people to enjoy the gardens fresh air and natural light.

This year’s event will feature a guided walk through the garden and a short guided tour of the Lang and its surrounding neighborhood, as part of the Garden’s Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning.

The gardens will also have a full schedule of activities to bring everyone together, including a garden tour of various gardens, garden tours, an outdoor performance, and a farmers market, among other things. 

 The Gardeners will be open from March 16, 6:00pm-6:30pm on Sunday, March 16.

This event is open only to people of all ages, but there is a $2 admission fee for seniors.

This is a FREE event! 

 For more information, visit the Langley Garden website.