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The opening night of the 2017 NBA season can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to getting your family and friends to watch you play.

But you can prepare for your best game in your home by choosing what you should wear.

We’ve put together a list of everything you need to know to get ready for the 2017-18 NBA season.

Read on to find out how to dress for your first home game, which will be on March 2 in Portland.1.

Make sure your team has enough tickets to fill out the lottery for home games.

The NBA is not going to distribute lottery tickets to teams with less than 20,000 tickets.

So you need your team to fill at least 20 percent of the available tickets.

If you have 20,001 or more tickets, your team will be required to submit a draft ticket form.2.

Dress appropriately.

If your family isn’t wearing comfortable pants, shirts or jackets, you’re not going out.

They should dress appropriately for the weather in your city and the team’s colors.

If a team doesn’t have enough tickets, it’s going to be difficult to sell them, and fans will be turned away.3.

Dress for the season.

This is especially important during the holidays, when tickets are more scarce.

Your favorite team’s jerseys should be light blue, red, or orange.

They may have team logos on the sleeves or pants.

If there’s a team logo on the back, wear a darker color.4.

Dress like a veteran.

When your team isn’t competing in the playoffs, it can be easy to forget that you are a veteran on the court.

Wear comfortable pants and a shirt that shows off your natural skills.

Wear the right shoes and socks, too.

Your teammates will be more likely to be open to the idea that you’ve got experience on the floor, which can help you stand out in front of your family.5.

Bring a hat.

Even though the NBA season will be over in a couple of weeks, fans will still be looking for the perfect hat for the occasion.

If the weather is nice and the game is exciting, a hat will make a huge difference.

If it’s cold outside, bring a hat, but wear it loose.6.

Dress to impress.

Make yourself look great in a wide variety of colors and styles.

If no one else is wearing the same colors, it will be easier to find a team that suits your style.7.

Wear a pair of glasses.

While there are plenty of teams that don’t require players to wear glasses, there are some teams that do.

If they don’t have a specific prescription, wear them when the sun shines, in the shade, or if the sun is out.

Make eye contact and smile.8.

Wear bright colors.

A bright orange or red color makes the crowd look better, especially at night.

If people can’t see you, wear red.9.

Wear shoes that are comfortable.

Some teams will let players wear high-tops that are too small for them.

If that’s the case, make sure you can walk comfortably on the sidelines without stepping on your toes.10.

Wear shorts and flip flops.

Flip flops can be a great choice if you want to wear the right shoe and are going to the game with your feet in the air.

If not, wear flip flop shoes.11.

Bring an extra blanket and blanket cover.

If fans can’t get a good view of your face, you can always bring a blanket.

It’s important to cover your head with a blanket to protect it from the sun and cold air.12.

Wear sunscreen.

If possible, wear sunscreen for the entire day.

If weather isn’t good, wear it in the evening.13.

Keep your hair short.

If someone is standing in front you, don’t take off your hat or shoes.

Instead, stand close and smile at them.

Don’t wave your hands or make loud noises.14.

Don a hat and wear sunglasses.

If anyone has a question about the game or the weather, ask them.

If you’ve been thinking about wearing a hat during the NBA Season, we’ve got a couple things to help you prepare for the festivities.