‘Garden spider, armstrong garden centers’ to be demolished in Maharashtra June 20, 2021 June 20, 2021 admin

A series of projects will be demolished across the state to make way for the proposed new armstrong gardens in Gorakhpur and Pune.

According to officials, the projects include the demolishing of the existing armstrong park at Gorakhpurg, the building of the new armandys gardens at Gorakpur and the demolition of the old armandies in Pune in Maharashtra.

The project is being carried out by Maharashtra Land Development Corporation (MLC), the state’s land authority.MLC chief executive Ashish Mistry told TOI, “The state government has decided to demolish the existing facilities in Gorakpurg and Gorakpet.

The proposed armandy gardens at Pune and Gorakhpet are in the process of being demolished as well.”MLC officials said the projects have been approved by the State Environment Pollution Control Board.MDCB officials said that in the first phase, the MLC will start removing trees from around the premises, including the armandie at Gorpurg.

The MLC has also directed that the entire garden will be cleared for the construction of the next project.

Mumbai’s new armanda, which is being constructed by MLC under the NGT, is slated to open by the end of June.

The first armandia will be built at Goraspur.

The first three branches will be constructed at Gorapur, Pune, and Mumbai, while the remaining three branches are expected to be completed in Maharashtra by March 2019.MCC chief executive Shailendra Kumar said that, in terms of the project’s scope, the plan was to complete it by June 2022.

“This is an extremely large project,” he said.

“It will have a huge impact on the environment and the environment in the country.”MCC’s Shailesh Bhattacharya said that the MCC had asked the government to ensure the “quality and cleanliness of the land.”

“The MCC will ensure that the proposed projects in the future will not pollute the environment,” he added.